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Frustrated by confusing technical indicators making your charts messy? While modern-day charting and technology have only made trading more confusing, the simple and elegant Japanese methodology of charting through Candlestick and Breakout Patterns has been the professional trader's top choice above all other forms of Technical Analysis.

With more than eight hours of pure education, this mind-blowing workshop is designed with short-term traders, swing traders, scalpers, and long-term investors in mind. Created and designed by Veteran Trader & Teacher, Conrad Alvin Lim, this value for money holistic technical analysis workshop will definitely open your eyes to the real world of trading and how Technical Analysis can be simple and elegant without cluttering your screen with confusing technical indicators.

When you attend this workshop, you will learn how to marry the Five Elements of Effective Technical Analysis with Sound Psychological & Financial Management Principles and how this will make you a better and more profitable trader.

This workshop has been running for 10 YEARS and remains the top choice amongst professional traders in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Jakarta.

What You Will Learn In This Full Day Tutorial

100% Privacy Guaranteed

You will Discover & Learn 108 different Candlestick & Breakout Patterns that will help you identify trend reversals or trend continuation.

Learn how to make low-risk entries using up to 36 highly reliable BREAKOUT PATTERNS - highly effective and having stood the test of time, identify charting patterns to make low risk entries on your trades. Some of these patterns include:-

  • Ascending Triangle
  • Rectangles
  • Wedges, Flags, and Pennants
  • Flags & Pennants
  • Head & Shoulders
  • Double / Triple Bottoms
  • Cup & Handle 
  • Parabolic Reversals

Discover and Learn 72 highly reliable CANDLESTICK PATTERNS to minimize your risk and help you to read, discern and 'feel' the psychology of Fear, Greed, Commitment, Doubt and Confusion on the charts. Some of these Candlestick Patterns include:

  • Dark Cloud Cover
  • Evening / Morning Star
  • Kicker Patterns
  • Deaisen
  • Harami
  • Hammer
  • Marobozu
  • Doji
  • Abandoned Baby

What Else Will You Learn?

Coming From Asia's Longest Running & Most Sought After Financial Teacher, You Will Also Learn:-

  • How To Identify False Breakouts
  • What To Do In The Event of a Pattern Failure
  • Learn How to Read the Market Sentiment Using the Five Elements of Technical Analysis
  • Learn When To Stay Out of the Market
  • Identifying Bullish & Bearish Momentum
  • Learn The Five Movers of the Market (What Moves the Price?)
  • Manage Your Psychology and Emotions Using This Ancient Japanese Technique - the Sakata Method
  • A Financial / Risk Management Technique Based on the Simple Laws of Physics
  • BONUS! Learn a simple long-term investing strategy when you join our class!
  • BONUS! Learn one simple leading indicator you can watch to anticipate market reversals 6 months to 1 year in advance when you join our class.

No one teaches Technical Analysis as simply and as elegantly as Conrad does, this is easily the most value-added, holistic & complete Technical Analysis Education you will ever encounter on this side of the planet, so book your seat today!

So Who Is Conrad Alvin Lim?

Conrad is an all-rounded professional online trader and the creator of the Pattern Trader Tutorial (2005). He started mentoring since 2007 and has since groomed more than 500 successful proprietary traders, bunker traders, brokerage owners, institutional professionals, dealers and fund managers. His Pattern Trader Community which currently has more than 3,500 members is still growing.

He is an expert in Macroeconomics, Sector Rotation, Defensive Analysis and short-term trading techniques like Swing Trading, Day Trading and Scalping. He specialises in a defensive and psychological approach to trading, based on his unique and simplified blend of macroeconomics and financial management that consistently produces profits and controlled losses.

Both a best-selling author and a regular contributor to financial-related magazines and newspapers, he has written the Secret Psychology of Millionaire Traders (2009) and the Winning Psychology of Defensive Traders (2014), and also written articles for INVEST Magazine (ShareInvestor) and Business Times. 

He is also a regular speaker at ShareInvestor’s INVEST Fair, the ATIC, Investor’s Exchange, UOB Kay Hian, RHB and has been a repeat guest speaker at Malaysia’s Bursa (Exchange), Singapore NTU’s Alumni, Singapore Institute of Management, Macquarie Capital Securities, CIMB, NTUC, Wealth Expo and more. He has appeared on Channel NewsAsia’s ‘Cents & Sensibilities’ and ‘Primetime Morning’, and famously called the bottom of the Sub-Prime Crisis on 'live' TV less than 30-days before the US markets bounced.

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